A Plea to Fathers

Reject boldly and unashamedly the prevalent effeminizing influences.

Dear father, your hands are the first to cradle the souls of your children. To you it is given to be the salvation of your household, and it is to you that the hearts of your young children are to be turned. Your little son–he will follow you! He sleeps sweetly in the crib, both mischievous and profoundly innocent. Though his little form is light, yet the weight of his soul rests heavily on your being. You are perhaps his only compass to guide him on the perilous voyage across the dark ocean of this world. If you are directionless, who, pray tell, will show him the way?

Cast off the whims and notions of childhood and be a man! Rebuke sharply your pettiness, your easily hurt feelings and offences of long ago! Forget the missed opportunities of childhood, the failed attempts of youth, and resolve not to miss this one remaining and grand opportunity–that of being a father and a man! Reject boldly and unashamedly the prevalent effeminizing influences that seek to attach themselves to you! Refuse to be anything else but that which your Creator meant for you to be–a man! Was He not a man of like passions as you, and succeeded?

Refuse to bend to effeminizing pressure! Reject the earring, the dyed hair, and the pink shirt! Keep your hair short, your fingernails clipped, your trousers pulled up, your shoulders broad and your back straight! And by doing so, you will far more effectively stare down the shameless evil of today! Save yourself from this untoward, selfish generation and show your little son how to be a man!

Your young daughter–her beautiful, innocent eyes look to you! There she comes, her toddle as beautiful as it is unstable. Now she made it–she falls into your outstretched arms! Yes, and she must also somehow complete her own treacherous journey from girlhood to womanhood. Her success in this forced undertaking depends greatly upon there being a strong, stable man in her life, an immovable boulder in the midst of a wildly raging tempest.

Will you, father, be that man that she so desperately needs for guidance and protection? Or will you fall slain at the feet of the loud and loose Jezebels that wait at every corner, seeking to put a dart through the soul of every male that withers under their gaze? Will you thus foolishly allow her to be victimized by a society gone mad, and add your pearl to the myriads of others trodden underfoot in the filth of sexual perversion? Refuse to be enslaved to sensual appetites!

In the home, strive to lead in personal piety! Be a bulwark of defense to your family against Satan’s onslaughts.

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