Armageddon News

No Shortage of Bad News

News is an eternal thing in a transient sort of way. As long as there are human beings on this earth, there is no end to it. And, since mankind is sinful and rebellious, there is no shortage of bad news.

Few are the reports from Armageddon that are uplifting or positive on the human level. The human level is, after all, dirt level, and the blood is already up to the horse’s bridles. And so, we present you with more outrages to righteous sensibilities in this installment. Read on and be informed.

Interrupted Prayer
What is the price for silent prayer? Isabel Vaughan-Spruce of Birmingham, England knows the answer. Vaughan-Spruce was recently harassed and arrested by police for the second time in a year as she stood silently outside an abortion clinic with her eyes closed. Her latest arrest comes just weeks after a UK court cleared her of criminal charges for her first arrest in December 2022.

In a cell phone video of the latest incident, police are seen interrogating Vaughan-Spruce as to her intentions. She repeatedly told them she was praying “in her head.” Police told her that was an offense, according to a Birmingham Public Space Protection Order, which establishes a buffer zone around abortion clinics. The order specifically names prayer, “with respect to issues related to abortion services,” as a form of protesting, and as such it is banned within the buffer zone.

A September 2023 YouGov UK poll found that “three quarters of Britons support banning people from protesting outside abortion clinics.”

Vaughan-Spruce is the Director of the UK March for Life. May her silent prayers be heard.

What is a Woman?
Matt Walsh famously asked and explored this question in his popular 2022 documentary. Apparently, Michigan law-makers are still stumped and no closer to an answer. They recently voted to remove the words “woman” and “she” from the state’s 2014 breastfeeding law to make it more “gender neutral.”

State Senator Michele Hoitenga, a Republican, had sought to preserve the female-specific language of the law by introducing an amendment, but it failed.

“As far as I’m aware, women, specifically mothers, are the only people who can breastfeed or pump milk,” she said. Her Democrat (and a few of her fellow Republican) colleagues were confused enough about plain language and biology to disagree with her.

Meanwhile, in Arkansas, Governor Sara Huckabee Sanders has signed an executive order that bans the use of certain gender-neutral terms by government employees and official documents. “We’re all here today to say, frankly, that we’ve had enough,” she said before signing the order. “Enough trying to erase women and girls, enough denying our biological differences from men, and enough of the craziness that is taking over our country.”

Sanders is the first woman and the first mother to serve as governor of Arkansas. Perhaps a phone call to their friends in the South might have helped the good (?) Michigan lawmakers with their confusion.

Vaxx Law Challenged
Public and private schools and daycares in California are forbidden by law from exempting children from vaccinations for any reason other than medical. Advocates for Faith & Freedom, however, are suing the state’s Attorney General Rob Bantam, citing religious discrimination. The law, SB277, was originally signed by former Governor Jerry Brown in 2015.

According to Fox News, the complaint states that California “allows immigrant and homeless children to attend public and private schools without proof of vaccination,” and “California cannot demonstrate that religiously exempt students pose a greater risk than secular exempt students. The exempt, unvaccinated children under SB277 are still free to sweat in weekend sports leagues together, participate in public extracurricular activities, and sit through hours of services at churches and synagogues.”

The reader is forgiven for thinking the complaint makes perfect sense, because it absolutely does. But its success in the courts remains to be seen. We are talking about California, after all. Land of smoggy L.A. and smoggy political minds that think up is down and down is up. If they fail at the state level, Advocates for Faith & Freedom are hopeful that their suit will be taken up by the conservative-controlled U.S. Supreme Court.

And thus, the news!

This is war!

Babylon the Great is a murderess, bent on the destruction of the most vul­nerable of mankind. Her bloodlust knows no boundaries. And she is not just drunk of the blood of saints and martyrs. Her rapacious deathly greed targets saint and sinner alike. The saint she seeks to snatch from the Faithful and True. The sinner she seeks to thwart from finding Him in the first place. Is it any wonder, then, that those who are most in need in this world are the target of her drunken gluttony? We see her fingerprints all over the news headlines that spill out the sorrow and shame of this world.

They Want to Help You Die

Kathrin Mentler was struggling with suicidal thoughts. She often does. “I live with chronic suicidal thoughts but that doesn’t mean I never feel joy in my life,” she told The Christian Institute. So, on this particular day when she was battling these persistent thoughts, she went to a place where she thought she would be kept safe from self-harm. “That day my goal was to keep myself safe. I was think­ing of maybe trying to get myself admit­ted to hospital because I was in crisis,” she said. But instead of affirming her worth and helping her to feel safe, a clinician at Vancouver General Hospital asked the 37-year-old Canadian if she had consid­ered death through Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD).

She was stunned. She wanted help and safety from her thoughts. She wanted to live, not die. And here before her were the very ones entrusted to help her asking if she had considered physician-assisted suicide.

Canada legalized euthanasia for cer­tain circumstances in 2016. This was ex­panded in 2022 to include non-threaten­ing physical disabilities. By 2024, it plans to expand MAiD eligibility to people battling mental illness. Why Vancou­ver General Hospital would have offered MAiD to Mentler in 2023 is baffling. The procedure is illegal for her condition until next year. Why they would have offered it to her at all when she desperately wanted to live, however, is more concerning.

According to The Third Annual Re­port on Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada 2021, a total of 10,064 died under MAiD in 2021, “accounting for 3.3 % of all deaths” in the country that year. This is a growth of 32.4% over 2020. Since 2016, a total of 31,664 people have died at the hands of those who took the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm to them.

Churchgoers Gone Rogue

According to the Survey on Adult Churchgoers on Social Issues and World­view, one out of every six (16%) of churched adults “admitted to having ever paid for, encouraged, or chosen to have an abortion.” The survey, conducted by the Center for Biblical Worldview and published in June of this year, was meant to gauge “public opinion related to a va­riety of social issues, as well as responses regarding their worldview.” It also found that 22% of respondents fully identified as pro-choice. In addition to this, 21% of church-going adults believe the Bible does not identify when human life be­gins, and 20% claim to have a non-bibli­cal worldview.

We are not surprised by these num­bers. We’ve always known that good ole Babylonian preaching reaps dividends for the kingdom of darkness and provides fodder for the cannons of Armageddon.

Parents vs. California

“I am not going to allow this to keep happening to children,” Jessica Konen recently said to Fox News Digital. In a landmark victory for parental rights, Konen sued the Spreckles Union School District in Monterey County, California, for socially transitioning her 11-year-old daughter, Alicia, as a male at school and not informing her. The school district settled with Konen for $100,000.

Going through a difficult time, Alicia was told by staff at the school that “she may be upset because she didn’t know who she ‘truly was inside’.” They allowed her to use the boys’ bathroom and to use male pronouns while at school. All with­out her mother’s knowledge.

Alicia has since resolved her confu­sion and is working alongside her mother to fight for parental rights. “They need to understand their place, and they need to stay in their place,” Konen said. “And schools nowadays, they’re awful. So, I’m going to fight this fight and keep fighting this fight.”

California, however, is nonplussed over such parental victories. The State’s Attorney General Rob Bonta has filed a lawsuit to stop another school system, The Chino Valley School District, from enforcing its recently passed Policy 5020. According to the Christian Post, the policy states that its schools “must inform par­ents within three days of becoming aware of a student’s request to use a different name or pronoun or if the student asks to use the bathroom or play on an athletic team that doesn’t align with their sex.”

Bonta filed the lawsuit with the Superior Court of the State of California, ar­guing that the policy runs afoul of the state constitution’s prohibition of “local educational agencies from infringing on the privacy rights of their students.”

Babylon may lick her lips and claim she is no widow, but do not be fooled. Strong is the Lord God who judges her. And strong are His saints, the armies of heaven, which follow Him and bear the Spirit’s steel. This is war!

Outrage News

Armageddon News could just as truthfully be called Outrage News. The items that come across our feed are indeed outrageous…and ludicrous. To think that such goings-on could, well, be going on is both breathtaking and baffling. Surely modern men and women are more brutish than the beasts. Cows and sows spend their lives being themselves. They chew the cud and wallow in the mud, respectively and respectably. That is what they are created to do. But behold just once the foolish contemplations and pretensions of mankind! He (or she?) doesn’t even know whether he is male or female half the time. He thinks himself wiser than the ancients and presumes to play God through the machinations and inventions of his own greatly reduced cognition.

Surely the cow and the sow are wiser in their generations than some of the stupid, tottering genus known as homo sapiens. The cow at least looks intelligent when it chews its cud, eyes squinting placidly during its ruminations. And who can question that the sow knows how to relax in its barnyard muck without a care? Humans, however…but we digress.

Here is the news:

Three Under Fire

Three New Jersey school districts are being sued by Democrat Governor Phil Murphy’s administration for recently implementing policies that require staff members to notify parents if their student requests a name or gender identity change. Matt Platkin, the state’s Attorney General (AG) announced the lawsuit against the Middletown, Marlboro, and Manalapan-Englishtown school districts, claiming that these policies could “irreparably harm transgender students.”

“In New Jersey,” a statement on the AG’s website reads, “we will not tolerate any action by schools that threatens the health and safety of our young people. Without question, the discriminatory policies passed by these Boards of Education, if allowed to go into effect, will harm our kids and pose severe risk to their safety. Simply put, these policies violate our laws, and we will not relent in protecting our LGBTQ+ community–especially our children–from discrimination.”

A lawyer for the Marlboro school district is nonplussed. According to Fox News Digital, Attorney Marc Zitomer responded by saying, “It is our position that keeping parents in the dark about important issues involving their children is counterintuitive and contrary to well-established U.S. Supreme Court case law that says that parents have a constitutional right to direct and control the upbringing of their children.”

Killing Children

“Allahu Akbar!” It was the all too familiar terrorist’s cry that stunned frightened students at the Lhubiriha Secondary School in Mpondwe, Kasese District, Uganda on the night of June 16. Morning Star News reported that, when the ensuing mayhem was over, “at least 37 students, most of them Christians” lay dead. The girls were hacked to death with machetes, while the boys were burned to death after their dormitory was set on fire.

One surviving student, Edgar Mumbere, described in harrowing detail what he witnessed during the attack. As he and other boys hid under their beds, the attackers threw a bomb into his dormitory. “The whole room was full of smoke, and we couldn’t breathe. Some of us managed to get out of the dormitory but were shot and managed to survive bad injuries.” Mumbere was able to survive by smearing blood over his body and playing dead in the choking smoke of the room.

A member of the Islamic State affiliate Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), the group that attacked the school, was heard saying, “This school is propagating Christianity in Uganda and getting support from Christians in the West–Islam should be the dominant religion in Uganda.”

The DCF is based in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo. Muslims make up only about 12% of Uganda’s population. Five non-students were also killed in the attack.

Chanting Groomers

“We’re here, we’re Queer, we’re coming for your children!” Thus was the chant of the hundreds of LGBTQ advocates as they marched in the annual drag queen parade in New York City this year. Blaze Media reports that the parade “commemorated the Stonewall Riots of 1969, when there was a gay rights protest at the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar.” Marchers paraded from Thompson Square Park to the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village.

Video uploaded to Twitter shows the marchers chanting the slogan while holding signs, exposing breasts, and dancing. It was a rather stunning display and admission of the true motives of the LGBTQ lobby–to target and groom children.

The chant is in direct opposition to the many claims of LGBTQ advocates in the past which have maintained that they do not target children. In the last few years, however, more and more of them are becoming bolder on social media platforms like Tik Tok, openly avowing that they are, indeed, coming for your children.

Charlie Kirk, a conservative voice and the founder of Turning Point USA, tweeted in response, “When they tell you who they are, believe them.”

The staff at Armageddon News does believe them. And always has. We also believe that these people are brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed by the flaming fire of the righteous judgment of God. Their agenda will fail, for none can best the Word of God astride His white horse with armies of heaven behind Him. Surely the cow and the sow go into heaven before these.

Blind leaders

Wicked rulers of the darkness of this world have much to give account for. They rally and muster the blind, godless masses to be fodder for the cannons of Armageddon. They are prevented by their pride, their ego, their lust for popularity and money from seeing the individual worth of the souls they so casually sacrifice on the fields of Megiddo. They are blind leaders of the blind. Who can read the headlines and think differently? Can you?

Dragging along in Canada
Doug Ford, the progressive Conservative Premier of Ontario is making waves in Canada, and we aren’t talking about in Lake Erie. Ford’s government recently funded a holiday party called Jingle Bell Rock, an “All Ages Drag Night”. The party, which was held on December 1 in Kitchener, featured Drew and Crew, three men dressed up as women. That’s right folks. All for the enjoyment of your children.

Some Ontarians were incensed and affronted by government sponsorship of such an event. MPP Belinda Karahalios took to Twitter, asking, “Why is @fordnation using taxpayer dollars to pay for adult men dressed as women to ‘perform’ for children?”

Why indeed! She need look no further than the Prime Minister of her country, Justin Trudeau, who is setting the example for Premier Ford in monumental fashion. In November of last year, Trudeau appeared on the show Canada’s Drag Race, much to the delight of the lead drag queen and other participants. “This is groundbreaking,” the drag queen gushed. “The first-ever world leader to visit a drag race set.”

For his part, the Prime Minister exhorted Canadians to be more welcoming of confusion, er, different perspectives. “Can we move beyond tolerate and start embracing, loving, and accepting and learning from and being challenged by? That’s how you build a resilient society.”

Of course, these values were on broad display by the Prime Minister during the trucker protests in his capital city last year. Lots of embracing and loving and accepting and learning going on while protesters were violently assaulted, had their assets frozen, and were arrested and arraigned. It’s the Canadian way.

A Very Strict Satan
Perhaps you are tired of religion in general and need to find a way to shoot the breeze with a little blasphemy this coming spring. The Satanic Temple (TST) has just the event for you in Boston! Announcing SatanCon 2023, “the largest Satanic gathering in history,” promises to be just the thing.

TST’s webpage announcing the event states, “This event is dedicated to Boston mayor Michelle Wu for her unconstitutional efforts to keep TST out of Boston’s Public spaces.”

TST, which (witch?) is headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts, maintains that they neither worship Satan nor believe in his existence or the supernatural. They also state that they do not promote or believe in symbolic evil. “We acknowledge blasphemy is a legitimate expression or personal independence from counter-productive traditional forms,” a statement on their website says. “Satan is a symbol of the Eternal Rebel in opposition to arbitrary authority, forever defending personal sovereignty even in the face of insurmountable odds.”

A Satan who is no Satan? Who ever heard of such a thing! But it turns out this new-fangled Slewfoot is a veritable father of lies, just like his biblical counterpart. If you plan to attend SatanCon 2023, the website states that you “must be 18 or over and have proof of COVID vaccination. Attendees must wear an N-95, KN-95, or disposable surgical mask. Gaiters, bandanas, and cloth masks will not be allowed.”

A very strict Satan, indeed! So much for defending personal sovereignty.

Leading Cause of Death in 2022
No, it isn’t COVID-19. Nor is it heart disease. The Christian Post is reporting that abortion “was the leading cause of death worldwide in 2022 for the fourth year in a row.” Citing statistics posted on Worldometer at the end of last year, deaths from abortion totaled more than 44 million, nearly quadruple that of communicable diseases (13 million), the second largest cause.

The World Health Organization, however, maintains that “around 73 million induced abortions take place worldwide each year.” Why this number differs from the statistics put out by Worldometer is not explained. But one thing is for sure: a single death by abortion is one too many. All life is precious to God. When will this modern holocaust end?

If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the ditch. Both will sink on the battlefield to rise no more. He that sits in the heavens shall laugh at the destruction of these abusers of themselves with mankind. And His saints, with holy love and zeal in their hearts for the salvation of souls, shall shout when the Almighty vindicates His eternal truth with the fires of everlasting destruction. Lord, hasten the day!