Gospel Trumpet

March/June 2022

A People Now Prepared I Will Not Leave You Fatherless Hard Sayings We Faint Not Be Connected God Has Not …

1 thought on “March/June 2022”

  1. Greetings in The Precious Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the Glory of God The Father and the empowering, indwelling, comforting Holy Spirit!
    Thank you that you have came back with New Settings! What is important above all is your continuing ministries, especially in The Publications Section!
    I really blessed and very well informed updatedly about what is happening around the world by your Gospel Trumpet that I always downloading ever since 2013 when Internet is becoming cheaply available in our country.
    Really appreciative and grateful of everything you are all performing for God’s Glory, Honor and Majesty!
    More of His Divine Guidance and Mercy… AMen!


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