Humanity’s Groan

Mankind’s groan began the moment sin entered our world. And only the eradication of sin can ever relieve our pain.

The Power of Christ

The most powerful words ever spoken were those of Jesus Christ.

The Testimony of Elijah

His was the courage of lions, and the faith that shuts up the rain and calls down fire from heaven.

Men Who Dared

No men ever lived who added such glory to humanity as did the humble friends of the wayfaring Christ.

A Plea to Fathers

Reject boldly and unashamedly the prevalent effeminizing influences.

The Cup of His Wrath

They scoffed His feast of love, they shall be dragged to His table of justice.

A Plea for Passion

Lukewarmness and passion are polar opposites. Christ’s sacrifice demands nothing less than a passionate Christianity.

This Sleepy Age

People are unconcerned about God, about each other, and about eternity.

Satan’s Physicians

From birth to death, we experience pain of varying degrees, yet none so profound as the pain of sin within.