IT IS ALL-OUT, OPEN WAR – in the streets in broad daylight, we are under constant bombardment by mainstream media; …

IT IS ALL-OUT, OPEN WAR – in the streets in broad daylight, we are under constant bombardment by mainstream media; weapons have been planted on your children’s school desks and in the local library. They intend to destroy your children–and ultimately, society.

First it was the holocaust of the unborn–which has created a thriving business for the sale of body parts. Now we have thir­teen-year-old girls having a double mastectomy because of the grooming of school counsellors. Boys can be clinically castrated without parental knowledge or consent. An eighteen-year-old boy died after doctors tried to create a vagina from part of his colon.

An Oklahoma school hired a drag queen previously ar­rested for child pornography as their principal. Mandatory drag queen story hours are starting to be in­troduced into schools. Even children’s hospitals are not free of this evil influ­ence. Take note–the state lays claim to your children and will do as it pleases.

The United Nations had a com­mittee calling for internet channels for child sexting. The popular language-learning app Duolingo, used much by home schoolers, is indoctrinating your children with LGBT propaganda.

Students in public schools are being exposed to increas­ingly radical, pornographic, and kinky sex education from the youngest ages. Teachers (groomers) in these propaganda camps are more concerned about instructing children on how to mas­turbate than to read and write. The WHO even offers instruc­tion on infant sexuality.

Sexually graphic and pornographic books which include encouraging the use of hard drugs while having sex are the focus. The book Gender Queer is incredibly por­nographic, yet the Woke groomers who lead the institutions are fight­ing as hard as they can to keep it in the schools, while the media runs cover for these vile progressives. When angry parents complain, school boards cite “human rights,” stating it is about equity and inclusion; “transphobia has no place in our schools.”

The war continues to rage to normalize homosexuality and queer ideology. Equity and inclusion are weaponized words. Thinly veiled behind their so-called love and tolerance is an ar­senal of aggressive and vile hatred at any who will not bow to this devilish ideology. We must unite and resist this evil!

In June 2023, madness prevailed in New York City’s Drag March as the emboldened crowd chanted:

“We’re queer, we’re here,
We’re coming for your children!”

“You say we all lead lives you don’t respect.
But you’re just frightened.
You think that we’ll corrupt your kids
if our agenda goes unchecked.
Funny, just this once, you’re correct…
We’ll convert your children – happens bit by bit,
Quietly and subtly and you will barely notice it…”
San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir

“Join the 6th Tranzer Regiment (AKA) The TERF PUNCHERS Our time has come – Attack all Christian beliefs – ALL WHITE CHILDREN MUST BE TRANZED!”
A sign at the train station in Cork, Ireland

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