The Rhythm of Life

The two-fold message and your response.

God set in motion the rhythm of life with His first breath into man at the creation of Adam. That first breath began a life-sustaining pattern of rhythmic breathing and beating of the heart that continues through generations of parents to children from the beginning of time to the present. Oxygen-rich blood pulses through each of our hearts, without conscious effort, in a pattern to match the original, the heartbeat of God, our Creator.

A similar process is set into place spiritually in the Gospel Day. The precious blood of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, circulates through His body, the church. What lies at the heart of the pulsing rhythm of the moving of that nourishing, life-giving blood from member to member? Listen closely, what is that spiritual heartbeat of God?

The heartbeat of that divine heart carries a two-fold message. The first, as the lungs take a breath in, the heart pumps in sync with the message “Come unto me.” This message is meant for all creation. Our Lord, Creator and Saviour is calling to each of us to leave the bondage of our sins and ties to the world to “Come and follow me” and “The truth shall make you free.” Each one of us has a personal invitation to step out in faith towards eternal life with Jesus, to be forgiven, to taste and see that God is good, and to come out of man’s confusing religions. The Bible is filled with invitations to “whosoever will” to join with Him in overcoming the world.

Just as there is a breath in, there is also a breath out, a beat of the heart pumping in and a beat to match of the heart pumping back out. What is that breath out but the “Go forth” command of our Captain. “Go ye into all the world,” “The harvest is white,” “Go ye into the vineyard,” “into the highways,” “as ye go preach” and “go your ways.”

The second motion of the divine heart is to “Go ye.” As we come in for our cleansing, we are circulated out again, this time bearing the oxygen-rich message of a witness to the saving power of Jesus Christ. The heartbeat of God is “Come unto me” and “Go ye into all the world.” There is an example given of the sending process in Luke 7:8. “For I also am a man set under authority, having under me soldiers, and I say unto one, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it.” Jesus’ plan for circulating His gospel message is to send it out with those He can trust to be faithful witnesses, those who have experienced it personally and treasure it.

The rhythm continues and so the circulation of lifeblood throughout the body continues. If it were to slow or stop at any point, the blood would pool and congeal. The health of the body would be compromised, and individual, oxygen deprived cells would die. So also, if a member fails to follow with the pattern “Come unto me” and “Go ye,” spiritual health will also be affected. A healthy Christian has a healthy heartbeat. Shortly after their first breath as a Christian they realize they are given gifts for a purpose and they are able to sense the gospel pulsing thought that “I must go and tell so others will come.” Each of us who have come to the overflowing fountain of Jesus for a drink of that living water should have living water flowing out just as freely. We are commanded to share that living water with those that are thirsty. Even one cup of cold water is blessed. Each faithful believer must expect to be sent with the mindset to pass on the life-saving message.

In the natural world the heart rate varies according to the surrounding conditions. At rest, the heart beats more slowly, less forcefully. But in a stressful, time-sensitive struggle, the heart automatically adjusts its rate to match the need for more oxygen by speeding up and strengthening its pulse. So also it is in the spiritual circulatory system. As time speeds towards its end, the message of the gospel quickens its pulse rate. The pressure is on to “Come unto me” and “Go ye into all the world.” Surely the fields are ripe and it is high time for the harvest! Each of us should be attentive to the call and respond with a hearty “Send me!”

Have you taken your spiritual pulse rate recently? Put your fingers to your wrist and count the beats per minute. Did you find a heartbeat? Is your heart beating in rhythm with the heartbeat of God, pulsing the gospel message?

“Come unto me” and “Go ye into all the world.”  

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