Resistance is Duty

In the current debate over personal freedoms and concern for public health, the voice of the church is desperately needed.

A core principle of Western democracy for over two hundred years has been religious freedom. So important has this been, in fact, to the identity of free people, that it has been placed at the very top of listed freedoms in such documents as the Bill of Rights (the first ten Amendments to the Constitution of the United States) and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Central to our understanding of liberty is this fundamental right of religious freedom and its concomitant rights of free association, free speech, and peaceful assembly. These are the pillar, the bedrock upon which free societies are built.

This pillar has withstood centuries of assaults. Who would have thought that in one year it would be in danger of collapsing?

The panic over COVID-19 has set in motion an alarming cascade of measures that threaten religious freedom and the ultimate well-being of people everywhere. The governments of this world have only offered knee-jerk responses. Worse yet, when their prophecies faltered and their responses failed, they only entrenched themselves deeper into their campaign against human rights. They have censored expert opinions that ran contrary to their narratives, and retained their stranglehold on the conduct, livelihoods, and education of the masses. Whatever the seriousness of the virus, it has proven to be a Trojan Horse for the kings of the earth to move in and implement their nefarious plans. They are motivated, not by concerns for your health, but by money. And the love of money is still the root of all evil.

This is not a caring response from our governments. It is all-out war.

In the current debate over personal freedoms a n d concern f o r public health, the voice of the church is desperately needed. Satan hates that voice, and he is doing his dead-level best to silence it through government sanction and suspension of the sacrosanct practice of the church–the public assembly. We cannot let him, through them, get away with it. When they say we cannot meet, we must meet. When they say we may not sing, we must continue to “speak to one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.”

Our spiritual forebears sacrificed everything for the sake of assembling together. Our brethren in communist countries still do. How can we do less? How can Christians in Western democracies so easily lay down their responsibility to be the church? The answer is that they have bought into the logical fallacies of the world. They have been conditioned for decades to believe erroneous notions of love and witness. In the present day, these notions run something like this:

“If you loved your neighbor, you would put on a mask and keep socially distant so you do not give coronavirus to them.”

This is despite the fact that the science on masking is outright contradictory, and social distancing and lockdowns are catastrophically harmful to more people than the virus actually kills. Here is another:

“As Christians, we are called to obey the government in Romans 13. To disobey would be to give the church a bad name.”

Dear reader, the true church has always had a bad name! They fool themselves who think yielding to unrighteous dictates is bearing witness of gospel truth. “Beware when all men speak well of you,” said the Author of our faith.

There comes a time when we ought to obey God rather than men. That time, a time of all times, is now.

We must love one another fervently and fiercely. We must let nothing tear us from one another.

This isn’t a fight of mere civil disobedience. It is not just a struggle for the soul of a nation. It is warfare against the very prince of darkness himself and his ungodly agenda to destroy both the souls and bodies of men and women in hell.

We cannot abrogate our scriptural responsibility in the name of civic duty. We are citizens of a better and heavenly country. Our allegiance is to the banner of love that Christ has placed over us, not to the flag of any earthly kingdom. We have a duty to one another to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together and to exhort one another so much the more as we see the day of the Lord approaching.

By the signs of these times, that day is very soon.

The church does not wrestle against flesh and blood. Our quarrel is not against prince or president. It is against the spiritual power that motivates them. Our weapons are not carnal. We do not fight with guns, but with the more sure word of prophecy. And that is mighty through God to the pulling down of the stronghold of lies descended upon the nations today.

Resistance, now more than ever, is duty.

2 thoughts on “Resistance is Duty”

  1. As a fully saved child of God, I rejoice with the truth in this article, hallelujah + I’ve been comforted in this small; Yet powerfulmessage:knowledge puffethup but charity edifieth!

  2. It was disgusting to see various Christian leaders equate getting injected with love for one’s neighbour and when some said that Jesus would get the “vaccine” I knew these were agents of Satan. Why would the Son of God who walks on water and raises the dead be afraid of a cold?! He wants you to suffocate your children with useless masks and subject them to possible permanent sterility later in life and death by myocarditis? The virus and the alleged cure are demonic deceptions.


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