Daniel Eichelberger

Armageddon News

No Shortage of Bad News

News is an eternal thing in a transient sort of way. As long as there are human beings on this …

Armageddon News

Blind leaders

Wicked rulers of the darkness of this world have much to give account for. They rally and muster the blind, …

The Primacy of Preaching

More than ever, this world needs to hear the unadulterated Word from
divinely called and gifted preachers.

Resistance is Duty

In the current debate over personal freedoms and concern for public health, the voice of the church is desperately needed.

The Testimony of Elijah

His was the courage of lions, and the faith that shuts up the rain and calls down fire from heaven.

Questions on Baptism Answered

Some people say that baptism, since it is an ordinance, has been done away with according to Colossians 2:13-14. Is …