Is God Allowed?

Is God allowed to have leadership that will enforce His laws?

Countries have a president, prime minister, or monarch. Corporations have a CEO. Police departments have a chief. Armies have a general. Courtrooms have a judge. Is God allowed to have leadership that will enforce His laws?

The cry of our age is “Don’t judge.” But is God allowed? Is He allowed to lay judgment in 2022 through a physical representation on earth? Is God allowed to choose a man that can tell other men what to do? Is He allowed to have a leader in 2022 that can confront the kings of the earth?

And after all, is leadership such a very bad thing? Doesn’t the very earth cry for justice to be executed upon evil? We need another Elijah to step into our time! Step into 2022 like he stepped into Naboth’s vineyard and met Ahab. If only we had justice once again laid to the line and plummet. But according to many in 2022, God is not allowed. Not allowed to have a mouthpiece on the earth. Not allowed to have prophets and judges that can tell other men what to do. Not allowed to have a unified ministry with the authority to exercise His judgment on earth.

Oh, for another John the Baptist that could call out the sins of the Herods and Herodiases of our day! Would social media go viral when he touched personal matters as did John? Yes. Would he be loved by the masses? John the Baptist wasn’t.

What if Jesus physically stepped back into our time? What if He went through the mega churches, statehouses, or even Planned Parenthood or Congress as He did through the temple so many years ago? What if once again He used the whip and turned over the tables of the moneychangers? Today’s moneychangers, hypocrites, and false prophets would be most unhappy!

Do you know who was happy with the restoration of judgment through true leadership? People like you and me. Widows who had been robbed of their houses by the temple priests. Families who came to sacrifice a lamb and were left with a dove because of the “religious” temple-changers robbery. Mothers and fathers who had watched the hypocrisy in the lives of the priests but were forced to bring them their sacrifice every year to obtain forgiveness. Children who were healed and gathered around Him singing Hosanna in a clean temple.

The world in our time has witnessed precious few holy men and women called of God; true prophets who walk in the presence of God and can bring His message to the people.

The fact that you have never seen or experienced God-called leadership does not disqualify its existence. The abundance of false prophets does not veto God’s authority to execute His judgments through true prophets. In fact, the very existence of every false prophet demands a counterpart and necessitates the loosing of true God called prophets to lay judgment in our time.

Will you stop and take a moment to answer honestly: “Is God allowed?”

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