Attack on the Nuclear Family – A War Against God

This is a war against God Himself.

“The nuclear family must be destroyed… Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families is now an objectively revolutionary process.”

Linda Gordon

Perhaps not many would be as blatant as Linda Gordon in their disdain for the traditional family. Nevertheless, the enemies of the family have fought against it, at times subtly and at times overtly, from time immemorial. Arguably, the seeds of such sentiment have never found a more fertile ground than the 20th century.

Already in the 1800’s, men like Karl Marx called for the abolition of the family in the Communist Manifesto. The short-lived Hungarian soviet gives us a perfect glimpse into the methods that would be used to this end. When communists succeeded in establishing the Hungarian soviet in 1919, education commissar George Lukacs instituted the following system, according to his biographer: “Special lectures were organized in schools and literature printed and distributed to instruct children about free love, about the nature of sexual intercourse, about the archaic nature of bourgeois family codes, about the outdatedness of monogamy, and the irrelevance of religion, which deprives man of all pleasure. Children were urged thus to reject and deride paternal authority and the authority of the church and to ignore precepts of morality.”

Free love, sexual perversion, contempt for religion and morality, together with rejection of parental authority– these are the ingredients used by all who desire the destruction of the family, whether communist or no.

In 1959 Herbert Marcuse wrote the bestseller Eros and Civilization that became a major influence to the feminist movement, the LGBTQ movement, and the Sexual Revolution of the ‘60s. He, too, predicted that a sexual revolution would end in the dismantlement of the family when he wrote, “The body in its entirety would become…a thing to be enjoyed–an instrument of pleasure. This change in the value and scope in libidinal relationships would lead to a disintegration of the institutions in which the private interpersonal relations have been organized, particularly monogamic and patriarchal family.”

Although many women joined the feminist movement out of a sincere and justified desire to end the oppression of women, few are aware that there were those who had a more sinister reason for supporting their cause. Aaron Russo, a friend of Nick Rockefeller, gave an interview before his death where he reveals Rockefeller’s confession that the women’s liberation movement was funded by the elite with the destruction of the family in mind. The cause for their antagonism towards the family is clear. If the strong, traditional family–with the protective father, the full-time mother, and their well-instructed and secure children–is broken up, the children become vulnerable to be molded by the state or some other powerful entity. Once this power is attained, ruling a society with little to no resistance can easily be accomplished.

Today, no one can dispute that the destruction of the family is well underway. A staggering half of all marriages end in divorce. With 2,400 divorces happening every day in the United States alone, it is not surprising that only 46% of children live with both of their parents. It is a deplorable fact that one in every four children live in a home without any father figure at all–neither a biological, step, or adoptive father.

Just as was hoped, the breaking up of the family has made children extremely vulnerable to the agenda of the powerful. Through the public education system and the entertainment industry, young minds are incessantly indoctrinated with the tenets that will ensure the furtherance of their power and agenda–a rejection of morality, religion, and parental authority.

Sexually deviant and explicit material in the school curriculum as well as in movies, video games, magazines, and songs has created a generation with little to no knowledge of the beauty and value of a healthy, monogamous, and faithful relationship between a married man and woman.

With increasing frequency and conspicuousness, parents are stripped of their authority as their children are encouraged to make important, sometimes life-altering, decisions by themselves at an alarmingly young age. Abortions, gender reassignments, access to birth control, and medical treatments, such as hormone therapy or the recent COVID-19 vaccine, can all be attained without parental consent or even knowledge.

Whatever arguments have been used throughout time to war against the traditional family, at the root lies a wicked rebellion against God Himself. When God instituted the family in the very beginning, He designed every member of the family with a particular place and purpose, all for the benefit of mankind. The purposeful design in His creation was to teach humanity of Himself, His love, His church, and His will.

However, sinful man is forever rebelling against His design, choosing his own way instead while preferring not to keep God in his knowledge (Romans 1:28). The consequences of such rebellion are always devastating.

The dismantlement of the family as God designed it has brought untold misery to our society. It is hard to imagine a more victimized youth than ours today! Stripped of the protection and strong support system provided by the family as God designed it, today’s youth is left to drown alone in the swirling seas of false indoctrination, demoralization, and sexualization. Suicide is now the fourth leading cause of death among the young. There is a crisis of mental health around the world, with one in five children and one in four adults suffering from a mental health condition. It is obvious that our society has become woefully broken.

If there is any hope of healing our world, it will come by submitting ourselves to the structure God established for His creation to function in. God, in His divine wisdom and love, instituted the family and established it as the foundation of society. When humanity thinks himself wiser than God and attempts to alter His design, all of creation groans to be delivered from this unnatural state (Romans 8:22).

But, oh, how beautiful when God’s design is honoured! What happiness results when father and mother build their home conjointly, each fulfilling their respective calling and purpose, never wavering in their love and faithfulness to each other! Such a home becomes a haven, a refuge from the storms of life, a source of courage for every adversity. Only with difficulty could the enemy exploit the child secured in such a home. Mass shootings, suicides, identity crises, and depression could hardly infiltrate a society built by such families.

Such a community is not only the wishful thinking of a hopeless idealist. It is the reality for which Christ died; the reality enjoyed by those who have submitted to God’s design and become a partaker of His community, the church. To all who are yet suffering in the confines of Satan’s dysfunctional society, she calls with compassion, “Come” (Rev. 22:17)!

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