Gospel Trumpet

November/December 2022

2 thoughts on “November/December 2022”

  1. The law above laws. For man to love his neighbor as God loves the man and as the man love himself. He/she loves earnestly all of God’s creations/neighbors both man and beast one will at every encounter serve as christ serves. Not for glory not for fame not for money food or ego…but as a good neighbor should for the mutual respect and understanding that “we” are here together by God’s hand let us exist together as 1 redemption be of Christ love for us all amen

  2. I have been receiving the Gospel Trumpet magazines for decades. They have been refreshing reminders of the truth the Church of God was founded up on.
    Please cancel my paper copies of the magazine and only send them in digital format.

    Thank you, Sis. Kimberly Thomas


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