Oppression of Women: The Cause and Cure

Preached May 24, 2022, in West Milton, OH, USA.

1 thought on “Oppression of Women: The Cause and Cure”

  1. Praise the Lord Jesus for this powerful message that the Lord Jesus has given you. This is anointed by the Holy Ghost. I agree with you 100% on this message. I am 75 years old and it is time that what you are preaching needs to stop. You have spoke on everything that is going in our world and the church. God bless you sister. I wish I could share this on Facebook. May the Lord Jesus keep anointing you and use you to reach this evil world and set women free… We are anointed of the Lord too. God used women in the bible… The Lord Jesus is my Lord and Saviour….. I am so thankful for this message from you.
    Thank you for this message
    Trudy Eastland


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