Statement Regarding the 2021 Canadian Election

The church of God remains firm in the belief that God’s will shall be accomplished in the earth.

In recent times, the ever-increasing uncertainty and unrest in the world has been felt poignantly by the people. Many have trusted long standing institutions, but are left disillusioned as they see their inefficacy to help society’s problems. The populace is greatly divided.  Fear and anxiety has gripped the hearts of many as they face an unstable future. This division and agitation is felt more closely still with the upcoming Canadian federal election.

Whatever the outcome, the church of God remains firm in the belief that God’s will shall be accomplished in the earth. He is the ultimate Victor in every contest. Faithful Christians throughout all ages have understood this. Through times of peace and prosperity, pain and persecution, under governments despotic and democratic, God’s purposes will not be thwarted.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

God is not impeded in the slightest by democracy or the “will of the people.” Ultimately, it is He who decides the result, and He can use all to the furtherance of His glory.

“This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever He will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.” Daniel 4:17

“And He changeth the times and the seasons: He removeth kings, and setteth up kings …” Daniel 2:21

“The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: He turneth it withersoever He will.” Proverbs 21:1

Given these infallible truths from the Word of God, we invite all people to unite their hearts with ours in unshakeable trust and in the sure knowledge of God’s sovereignty over the affairs of mankind. Let us build our hope, not on the sinking sand of changeable earthly governments, but upon the solid foundation of Jesus Christ alone. Let us pray earnestly for calm and peace in an increasingly violent and divisive world. And, regardless of the results on Election Day, let us be the salt of the earth in a tasteless age and the city set on a hill that cannot be hidden by the darkness surrounding us.