Does Faith Exempt You?—An Answer to Pastor Marshall

Christians are compelled to go to any reasonable lengths to help preserve the health and lives of their fellow men.

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It is sad to witness the fulfillment of the words of the Apostle Peter when he said that there are those who “wrest” the Scriptures “unto their own destruction” (II Peter 3:16). Sadly, this is what Pastor Keith Marshall has done in his article entitled “What does your faith exempt you from?”

Let it be known that all true Christians love their neighbors as themselves, and on account of the constraining power of agape love, lay down their lives for the brethren (I John 3:16).

Truly, Christians are compelled to go to any reasonable lengths to help preserve the health and lives of their fellow men.

There is a preponderance of evidence that suggests that the positive function of vaccines and masks is contestable at best and lethal at worst. The survival rate of COVID-19 is tremendously high. If the world’s billionaires and government officials were truly concerned about the health and general well-being of the people, it would be obvious and unmistakably clear. The fact is quite the opposite. It is clear to us and millions of others that the motivations behind vaccine and mask mandates are greed, exploitation, profiteering, engineered divisiveness, and oppressive control. By subscribing to and supporting the COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandate agenda, we would actually be helping to perpetuate oppression, which is in direct opposition to our divine commission to deliver the oppressed.

Wearing a mask to save the lives of those around us would be such a petty price to pay. We would not think twice before donning them, if they really helped save lives.

God does not contradict His own commandments. He will not require His children to compromise one divine directive in order to live another. Some children of God have a conviction not to be injected with a substance that they understand will defile their body (the temple of God) and compromise their health. These Christians should rest assured that God does not require them to receive a vaccination that has failed in its efficacy, has directly contributed to the hurt and death of thousands, and is massively enriching wicked men who are consuming the proceeds from their investment upon the lusts of their flesh.

It is only right to allow a Christian to sincerely claim a “Religious Exemption” from involvement in activities that lack proof of effectiveness, undermine health, relationships, and holistic wellness, and are constituent elements of an oppressive agenda. Faith in Christ will motivate us to stand against oppression of any form.

We kindly but firmly remind Pastor Marshall to “judge not” lest he be judged.

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