The Stolen Women’s Liberation Movement

“There comes a point when people become weary of abuse and join themselves to uprisings against injustice and oppression. The …

“There comes a point when people become weary of abuse and join themselves to uprisings against injustice and oppression. The system, however, has a built-in ability to stealthily join these causes using money, or plainly speaking, the system buys the protest. The protest can then be controlled in a large measure through manipulation. It can be presented to the public in a slight-of-hand way that robs it of any power it may have had to overturn the structure which created the problem in the first place.”

Hustlin’ Backward, Stephen Hargrave

“Weary of abuse” is a good description of many women in the early to mid 1900s. Although by 1920 the suffragists had accomplished the ratifying of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote, many women still painfully felt the limitations imposed on their sex.

Society at large was such that a woman was impeded from ever fully reaching the place and calling for which she was created.

Women became weary enough that they began to rise up against their oppression. But, as Stephen Hargrave makes clear in his book, the kings of the earth know exactly how to subdue such uprisings by buying the protest, manipulating it, and then presenting it to the public in a way that completely incapacitates true change. As women rose up with a righteous desire for liberty to become who they were created to be, the established powers saw their opportunity to usurp and manipulate the uprising for their own benefit.

The Movement and the Rockefellers Nick Rockefeller admitted to his friend, filmmaker Aaron Russo, that the woman’s liberation movement was funded and backed by them–but it was not to free women from oppression. By supporting them in leaving the home for the work place, taxes could be collected from double the populace.

Secondly, if the uprising of the women could be manipulated correctly, it would break up the order of the family, leaving the children vulnerable to be taken from the training of their parents and placed instead in the hands of the state to be indoctrinated for the benefit of the powerful. That they accomplished these goals is clearly evident today. But few know that the result of the feminist movement was no accident.

Steinem, the Movement, and the CIA
To many, Gloria Steinem is the face of the feminist movement. She became recognized as a leader and spokeswoman for the feminist movement in the late 1960s. Steinem is known as the co-founder of the first national American feminist magazine, Ms. Magazine, which remains a popular source of feminist news to this day. But much information about Gloria Steinem and her involvement with the feminist movement has been censored in the narrative presented to the world.

Although from a poor and dysfunctional family, Gloria Steinem was somehow able to attend the elite Smith College, Betty Friedan’s alma mater. After graduating, Steinem received the “Chester Bowles Student Fellowship,” a grant created by the CIA to fund Steinem’s studies in India. No one else has received this grant, neither before nor after Steinem.

When she returned from India, Cord Meyers of the CIA recruited Steinem to attend Communist-sponsored youth festivals, where she reported on other participants and provoked riots.

Steinem was established as a leading voice in the women’s liberation movement when Clay Felker, one of her CIA colleagues, began publishing her articles in the magazine Esquire. By 1971, Felker hired Steinem to be the editor of Ms. Magazine. Through the funding the elite funnelled to the magazine by various front organizations, the magazine quickly became an undeniable influence in the shaping of the feminist movement.

But not all feminists appreciated Gloria Steinem’s efforts in the movement.

Betty Friedan specifically criticized her and wrote, “The assumption that women have any moral or spiritual superiority as a class or men share some brute insensitivity as a class–this is male chauvinism in reverse…It is in fact female chauvinism, and those who preach or practice it seem to me to be corrupting our movement for equality and inviting a backlash that endangers the very real gains we have won these past few years.”

ther feminists openly accused Steinem of being a government agent that had infiltrated the movement to disrupt and destroy it.

In the 1970s, the Red Stockings, a radical feminist group, unearthed information about Gloria Steinem’s involvement with the CIA. Gloria Steinem and Clay Felker, among others, threatened to sue Random House if they were to publish the information. Random House capitulated, but in 1979, the Village Voice published the censored chapter outlining the connection between Steinem, the feminist movement, and the CIA.

Manipulation by the Kings of the Earth
Unbeknownst to them, multitudes of women were manipulated in their sincere desire for liberation. Most did not want to leave their homes and children. Nor did they desire the demise of men. They simply wanted to be recognized as more than a second-class citizen, to be seen as more than someone’s servant or sex object, to have a voice, and to be given the liberty to step into their God-given calling. It is possible that even Steinem herself was deceived into accepting the funding and support, not understanding the manipulating powers that were at work.

Nevertheless, by infiltrating the movement and “buying the protest,” the powers that be were able to control the narrative, thus rendering the uprising incapable of redeeming the God-given place of the woman. Many a woman labored, sacrificed, and fought for her rightful place in a system that would never allow her to reach her goal.
No uprising against injustice will ever be effective while fought from within the system that is creating and propagating the injustices in the first place. The only real solution is to leave the system and “come out of her, my people” (Revelation 18:4).

Oh, that the oppressed and exploited multitudes would awake and realize their only hope is in Christ! His blood purchased the glorious church of God, the only entity whose roots are not intertwined in Satan’s oppressive system.
Only through her administration can captives find deliverance, broken hearts be healed, or the bruised be set at liberty (Luke 4:18).

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