Above the din of crashing waves we hear the groaning cry of the soul: “Give me peace!”

This world is tempest tossed. Its leaders and governments are but rising and falling waves in the vast, tumultuous ocean of humanity. Above the din of crashing waves we hear the groaning cry of the soul: “Give me peace!” If there were one thing – one thing! – desired above all else by every child of Adam, that one thing would be peace! Oh, for one drop of true peace! Alas, such peace eludes their frantic grasp. They “are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest” (Isaiah 57:20).

Multitudes of poor fellow humans simply can’t handle life! Unable to bear up under the daily billowing waves of so many stresses: domestic abuse, financial losses, health problems – and so, multitudes drown in despair. Medication doses are increased to help calm their frayed nerves. Then comes the COVID-19 pandemic – how many have we not heard about that have turned to suicide after watching their world fall apart?

What creates this common crisis if not the boiling sea of sin inside each unregenerate soul? Who can solve another’s problems if their own soul is but another troubled sea? Jeff Bezos’ billions cannot buy him a single drop of peace. Poor rich man! He has all, except for priceless peace! Only the heart that has been justified by faith and made right in the sight of a holy God, can have peace with God, as F. B. Meyers accurately stated, “Righteousness must precede peace.” True peace is the result of the storm of sin having been calmed by Jesus Christ. In relief, the songwriter exclaims, “He calmed the sea of inward strife and bade me come to Him.” Oh, the unbounded joys of those who have heard the Master speak to their storm those life-changing words, “Peace, be still!” Jesus Christ the Savior still walks the raging seas today.

This is a peace that passes all understanding. Carnal minds cannot navigate to find its dwelling. Sought for outside of Christ, it eludes even the wisest and most persistent of seekers. This peace is not understandable by those who have not experienced it. During times of persecution, it was this peace that reigned in the heart of Christian youth tossed to the lions. It is this peace that gives comfort to those who are forsaken by worldly friends and family for their righteous stand. It is this same peace that enables our dying loved ones to pass triumphantly from their deathbed to life unending. Because he has made peace with God in life, a child of God can rest in peace in death. To meet your Creator in peace – what worth! What an accomplishment!

Let the call of hope ring out from heaven’s shore: Peace is attainable! Seek Him, Oh ye nations; seek Him, Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace!

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