Euthanasia: Mercy or Murder?

LETHAL INJECTION IS NOT A normal part of healthcare. It is only for dogs and cats, right? O how times …

LETHAL INJECTION IS NOT A normal part of healthcare. It is only for dogs and cats, right? O how times have changed! At rapid speed, it is becoming the norm in Canada–and it is woeful. Since medical assistance in dying (MAID) was implemented in Canada in 2016, 31,664 people have chosen to be euthanized. 1)

Initially, it was said that it was only for the terminally ill. Did you really think it would stay there? In 2015, the Supreme Court opened this devilish door when they declared that fears of “a descent down a slippery slope into homicide” were just that: fears founded on nothing more than speculation and scaremongering. But this slippery slope was, in fact, easy to foresee, and occurred just as the activists behind MAID intended. Legalize in limited circumstances, normalize, then after the basic “right” to die is established comes the sinister flood.

Pro-euthanasia activists continue to lobby successfully for ever wider access to the “right” to die.

No Moral Safeguard
Ashworth-Hayes writes: “The incentives for individuals and the state to behave in diabolical ways are simply too strong to be ignored. Once the essential moral safeguard that murder is wrong is abandoned, the creeping normalisation of death by doctor inevitably expands.

“This is again visible in Canada, where 10,000 people were killed by their doctors in 2021 alone. The scope of the law has shifted now from people facing imminent death to
riencing ‘intolerable’ symptoms in the view of the patient or doctor.

Legislators are now expanding coverage to the mentally ill, who will be offered the option of ending it all. Move fast, break things, and ask questions later.”

Cold, Hard Cash
“There are people in Canada who will have begged to be put into suitable housing, or to have other accommodations made for them. But these things are expensive, and involve significant effort on the part of the state bureaucracy. Assisted dying only requires two signatures and the depression of a syringe. And while it might be a terrible outcome for those whose lives could have been saved, euthanasia is a tremendous fiscal boost to the state. The mentally ill are costly, the disabled are costly, the sick are costly. They take up hospital space, they take up doctors’ time, they impose a burden on state services, they require state workers to work.” 2)

Kevin Yuill stated that “Some seem to be justifying MAID in terms of a cost-benefit analysis. In 2020, one Canadian senator requested details on the potential financial impact of expanding MAID. An official Canadian government document, produced in response, claimed that existing MAID legislation was likely saving $87 million in taxpayer-funded healthcare costs, while expanding it would save a further $62 million.” 3)

Apparently, the Canadian government places little value on the lives of their people, as already evidenced through the COVID fiasco.

Jonathon Van Maren, of Lifesite News, reported that Canadian assisted suicide lobbyists make millions by pushing the vulnerable to take their lives. In his view, “Dying with Dignity is one of the most dangerous organizations in the country, working daily to exploit the compassion and empathy of parliamentarians and the public to persuade them that suicide is the answer to virtually any form of suffering. They claim that denying suicide to the mentally ill is ‘stigmatizing and discriminatory,’ apparently without considering how stigmatizing and discriminatory it is to tell mentally ill people that the government agrees that their lives are not worth living and is willing to facilitate their suicides should they happen to ask…

“Dying with Dignity is staffed with people who are getting money to push for an expansion of Canada’s euthanasia regime–which, as we are seeing almost daily, is producing a conveyer belt of corpses as impoverished and desperate Canadians who cannot get the help they need are opting to die at the end of a needle instead.” 4)

The death industry is about money.

How about Living with Dignity?
The homeless, the lonely, the depressed–our brothers and sisters in the human family–deserve to be offered help and the proper resources to live with dignity, not death!

Christine Gauthier, a paraplegic and retired army corporal, asked for a home wheelchair ramp. She received a letter from a government official saying “if you are so desperate, madam, we can offer you MAID: Medical Assistance in Dying.”

A mother reported that her son’s social studies teacher told a class of 13-14 year olds that depression is considered long-term mental illness, and they qualify for MAID without their parents’ knowledge or permission!

Others requesting palliative care are being offered the same. Many have reported that doctors and hospital staff are encouraging people to euthanize–and these are not all seriously sick or elderly. It is unsettling to know that doctors are offering this as a “treatment option.” Such doctors are not focused on improving one’s health and life. Doctors take an oath to do no harm. The Hippocratic Oath explicitly forbids euthanasia, but now they are facilitating death, and, with restrictions being broadened over these past six years, they murder with government approval.

Dr. Louis Roy of the Quebec College of Physicians recently recommended to Canadian lawmakers that MAID be offered to children born with severe disabilities up to the age of one, as well as the elderly who are “tired of being alive.”

The original justification for euthanasia has clearly given way to ridding the nation of the undesirable and distressed. The population control zealots must be delighted when people voluntarily exit their planet.

Faltering on a Precipice
Kevin Yuill states: “Arguments marshalled in favour of euthanasia in Canada bear a striking resemblance to those made in the past to justify eugenics. At the turn of the 20th century, the most fierce proponents of euthanasia and eugenics were physicians and academics. In the U.S.A, Dr. Ella Dearborn cheerfully called for ‘euthanasia for the incurably ill, insane, criminals and degenerates.’ Dearborn thought it entirely reasonable that everyone should pass an examination allowing them to continue living.”

Bioethicists have been writing about this for a long time. BEWARE when government is involved in whether you live or die! The trend is clear–and it is sinister.

Canada is leading the way with their liberal euthanasia laws, causing some international concern. Further, they are combining it with organ donations. Do you smell money? The nightmare does not end here. The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation–a respectable transplant medical journal–has published an article proposing beating heart harvesting as a form of euthanasia where medicalized homicide is legal. 5)

In a recent Forbes article by Gus Alexiou, the author couldn’t be more correct in stating that “the country’s medical establishment is faltering on a precipice.” He further expresses concern that Canada’s liberal euthanasia laws seem to be deliberately inserted into the routine dialogue between doctors and patients, setting Canada apart from other countries that keep it separate from other medical venues. Nor does Canada have the same checks and balances. 6)

The Canadian government does not value life, especially of those they deem undesirable or useless. Tim Stainton, director of the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship at the University of British Columbia said “the country’s uniquely permissive euthanasia laws were ‘probably the biggest existential threat to disabled people
since the Nazis’ program in Germany in the 1930s.” 7) Eugenists would have us to believe that it is “mercy killings.” This is not a service of compassion, as they would
have you believe.

This coming year, Canada is set to extend its euthanasia laws to include people suffering from mental health conditions and potentially minors. Is it a coincidence that the government has also stated that those who refuse to be vaccinated are mentally ill? A danger to society? Don’t agree with the government narrative? Here we go!

Human Life Is Sacred
We are not soul-less cats and dogs whose lives end with this life. Human life is sacred, given by God. He breathed into man the breath of life (Gen. 2:7)–a soul which lives on after this life through all eternity in either heaven or hell. People are ending their lives to escape distress, only to immediately face the shock in unspeakable, eternal woe.

Euthanasia is murder. Suicide is murder. Both are condemned by God (Exodus 20:13). He only has the exclusive right to end life, contrary to neo-pagan belief. “The opinion that euthanasia is morally permissible is traceable to Socrates, Plato, and the Stoics.” 8)

When nations forsake the Word of God, they are left without a foundation and are in a bottomless pit. Morals now aside, it is a free fall into a dystopian nightmare.



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