A People Now Prepared

If we believe that we live in the time of the pouring out of the vials, we must also believe that the spiritual atmosphere is primed and ready.

The Primacy of Preaching

More than ever, this world needs to hear the unadulterated Word from
divinely called and gifted preachers.

Rejecting the New Normal

This year our world has changed beyond recognition. Reject the new normal they want!

Resistance is Duty

In the current debate over personal freedoms and concern for public health, the voice of the church is desperately needed.

When Christians Disobey

Should Christians be compliant? Should they quietly submit and wait for further instructions from the government?

The Sacredness of Life

Evolutionary and humanistic philosophy behind the existence of man produces chaotic results for man.

I Will Not Forget Thee

The Word of God is as a solemn vow to those who will put their trust in Him.